Supporting multiple resolutions with cocos creator

Supporting multiple resolutions with cocos creator
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Hi there,

So latelly i have been trying to figure out cocos creator some more. Now i found how you could best support multiple resolutions without black bars at the edge. But now i was wondering how i could use multiple images of sizes : x1(640,960),x2(1280,1920) and so on to preserve memory.

thanks in advance!


so now i read that in 2016 this function ( which is fairly well explained in cocos2d) wasnt implemented yet. now they said that they really wanted to implement it. is this possible with the current cocos creator version or not?


From the official guide:

Cocos Creator is devoted to solving the problem of adapting to screens with various resolutions with one set of resources from the beginning.

As it says there, you should only have one set of resources. To support multiple resolutions, you should use Canvas and the Widget component. The canvas will make sure either it’s height, either it’s width or both (does not use the entire screen) will be respected at runtime. You should read (if you haven’t already) the documentation on Canvas and Widget.


yeah i read that and did that all but i wasn’t 100% sure if using 1 hd image wouldnt cause small memory devices trouble as i dont have a really big app yet so didnt see any troubles now.

But thanks for the affirmation i guess :slight_smile: