Suggestions for a good Particles editor

Hello all
I’m looking for a particles editor… There was one I’ve been using but it is Flash based and I can’t access it anymore.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a particles editor?

I just checked all the links I had to particle editors, and they’re either no longer available, or Flash-based, so no luck there.

There is another solution; create a new Cocos2d-x project with an empty scene, and create the particle editor using IMGUI as your UI. It’s quick and easy to get it up and running to expose the particle emitter settings, so you can change them dynamically. You can do anything you want with it from that point on, like add more particle emitters to scene, select specific emitters and change their settings with the UI etc etc.

I’m a fan of ImGUI as well

Sounds like a good solution.
I’ll give IMGUI a try, thanks!

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