suggestion for the opengles version supporting strategy

suggestion for the opengles version supporting strategy
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hi,cocos2d-x guys:

I am using the latest version of cocos2d-x with my game,and found that android devices with gles version below 2.0 not supported.
I have a suggestion that the framework support the gles2.0 and gles1.x simultaneously,
that is when the framework detects that the device with a gles of version 2.0, it use the shaders for rending while with the version 1.x,
it use the plain old way.
so, the game built with cocos2d can run on more devices while on the newest devices it can also achieve a dramatic performance.


About half a year ago, we did try to compatible with both gles1.1 and gles2.0, the branched is named “gles2.0”, you can still find the resolution in some old forks, e.g.
But before version release, we realize that it’s not a good approach. So finally the compatible approach is deprecated, gles20 branch drop the compatibility with 1.x versions.

If you look for the devices with android 2.1 and below, which has no gles2.0 support, you can use cocos2d-x v0.13. Considering too google’s doc, they have about 20% marketshare. If you’re looking to the future, use cocos2d-x v2.x of course :slight_smile: We’re keeping improving this framework rapidly.


so I can not take use of any cool effects if i use the 1.x version of cocos2d-x that only support gles2.0;
and if I choose the 2.0 version, that means that i’ll abandon almost 60%(market data that chinese android devices that under 2.1 ) of my game targets.
it is too bad:(