Std::vector error - Makes no sense

Std::vector error - Makes no sense
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Has anyone ever seen error like this

I cannot see issue. Also it seems to have appears magically from knowhere without any changes I think



I’ve seen similar issues in the past caused by caching in VS - worth closing it and re-opening.
Obviously it isn’t seeing the opening ‘<’ (or is mis-interpreting the closing ‘>’) which is causing all the other errors.

Failing a ‘switch it off and on again’ you could try deleting line 19 and re-typing to ensure there’s not some strange control character in there somewhere!


I figured out the issue

It was because I have a class structure like so

G_Sprite - inherits G_Object
G_Body - inherits G_Sprite

I needed to include G_Group in G_Body
I needed to inlcude G_Body in G_Group

I did

It was wrong & I learned (Changed battle plan)

I am a better person now


You were always that better person - it is just now that you have realised it.