Some issues with EditBox (Return event, setFocus)

Some issues with EditBox (Return event, setFocus)

Hi there,

While building an app with Cocos Creator v1.10.2, I came across several issues with the EditBox, and I hope you can help me with that.

For some reason, the EditingReturned event I set doesn’t trigger on android phones. It is working fine on iOS phones and in the simulator.

I want to set the focus on the EditBox by tapping on a button. I tried to use the setFocus() method from the EditBox API, however, it doesn’t work.

It appears to me that when an EditBox is focused, other UI elements like buttons are deactivated.
So when I just entered something via the virtual keyboard, and I press a button while the keyboard is still open, the button is not considered pressed but only the virtual keyboard disappears. Is there a solution that both of that happens within one tap?

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I am not sure about this. Let me see what I can find out

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I checked that issue 1 2 have been solved in v2.x, maybe you can upgrade the version.

Yet issue 3 still exists on Android, we’ll try to fix it.