[solved] Delayed touch event on HTC One Mini

[solved] Delayed touch event on HTC One Mini


I develop my game (using Cocos2d-x) on HTC One Max / Cyanogenmod and it works well (no lags, fast reactions). Today I tested the game on HTC One Mini with original Android (with HTC Sense). And problem occured. General performance is ok (no lag in graphics), however touch events are about 0.5s delayed.

I noticed, that triple-click (triple touch) on screen enables some zoom - I did not implememt any zoom abilities - it is probably part of HTC Sense? So I thought, that the input delay might be caused by input dispatching for this zoom feature.

Any ideas how to solve this? I dont want to change device settings - I would love my app to run on every device without people having to change their settings manualy.

Thank you

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I just noticed that I did not post my solution that I found. So I would like to write what was the problem, so future visitors might find it helpful.

The problem was that there is some option that enables zoom on triple-touch and it was enabled on that device. Each touch was delayed because Android first waited to see, if it isn’t going to by by any chance a triple touch.

I do not think that this option can be disabled by usual applications, it has to be disabled manually in Android settings - somewhere in Accessability settings if I recall correctly.

It seems that this option is disabled on most devices by default. Unfortunately, this was not the case on this HTC mini device.