Sizing - best approach?

Sizing - best approach?
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Hi Guys,

I have managed to confuse myself once more. In my project the designer has prepared all the assets to the resolution of 1080px x 1136px. I want to used this resolution but if the actual screen is narrowed than 1080px (say 768px), I just want to see a middle section that is 768px wide and 1080px high. Anything outside this area should not be shown.

Here is a pic to describe what I need.

I have tried with different cc.ResolutionPolicy’s but I just get all the either borders where I don’t think they should be or sprites overlapping. It’s like I just want a window into the area the device will support.

Can anyone tell me the best way to go about it?




The best way is to apply CSS styles to you canvas wrapper div. You can check viewport size with JS and then apply css margin-left for -1 * (viewport.width / 2) to wrapper.


Alternatively FIXED_WIDTH and FIXED_HEIGHT resolution policies, but remember to change canvas size.