Sin Run [iOS][ANDROID]

Sin Run [iOS][ANDROID]
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I am a hobby programmer. This is my first, small, and free game, done with the great Cocos Creator:

Thank you for your time



it looks fun!! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the release. It does indeed look fun.


I have tryed it… it is going to keep installed in my phone. Great idea and really fun.


Hey @ooozuz,

thank you for your time, and I am glad that you will keep it. :wink:

Last week I have made an update to version 1.2, where your highscore will be saved. Here the direct downloads:

Take care


BTW: I try for days now to break my own highscore, but I don’t get it. Perhaps I should program a secret score pusher. :wink:


Just downloaded!! Its great to see the first games made with Creator coming to app stores. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


congrats on the update.


can you share some details, like how you handle movement and draw waves?


Hey smitpatel88,

I draw a sinus wave like in the exampleCollection, which you can find under cases/graphics/demo/sine-waves in Cocos Creator 1.2 and higher. I draw the obstacles as filled polylines. I move all by a changing velocity value and the sinus length and phase are controlled by a touch controller node. I check for collision by my own obb collision detection function.

Have fun



Thanks for reply. :slight_smile:


cool! i’ve installed it.
i think you need some marketing for this game