SDKBOXPlay SdkboxGPGAuthentication Please Help!

SDKBOXPlay SdkboxGPGAuthentication Please Help!

Kind of stuck right now. I’m running a debug apk on multiple devices… On devices running android 10 or 9 it puts the app into background the first time it tries to login to play services and crashes. This happens only the first time the app is started consecutive runs are ok as the gpg data is somehow cached. Also trying to run it on android 5.0 using real device I keep getting: SdkboxGPGAuthentication: sign in failed:4 null.
Please help.
Cocos 3.17.1
SDKBOX v1.0.3.2
installed packages:
v2.5.1.2 sdkboxplay
v2.5.1.2 googleplayservices

--------- beginning of crash
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.201 1826-7105/? W/ActivityManager:   Force finishing activity com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.250 1826-1911/? W/InputDispatcher: channel 'b6e43f5 com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred.  events=0x9
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.250 1826-1911/? E/InputDispatcher: channel 'b6e43f5 com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.368 1826-2468/? I/WindowManager: WIN DEATH: Window{b6e43f5 u0 com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity}
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.368 1826-2468/? W/InputDispatcher: Attempted to unregister already unregistered input channel 'b6e43f5 com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity (server)'
    2020-02-21 00:46:09.465 1685-1862/? W/SurfaceFlinger: Attempting to destroy on removed layer: AppWindowToken{b742564 token=Token{ce132f7 ActivityRecord{1987ef6 u0 com.samsumsi.thg/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity t7}}}#0
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@yinjimmy help?

My current workaround is not to interact with the scene while the signin process is pending (i was updating a progress bar) and just change the scene at the end. This avoids the app crashing but ruins the splash screen idea. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

may I have you apk to test ?

Few days later I ran into a problem with the cloud save on iOS too. Updating app from TestFlight was somehow deleting the cloud save and progress was lost. Also some of my android testing devices were getting this dkboxGPGAuthentication: sign in failed:4 null.
So I decided not to use cloud save as a solution and removed the plugin for now. I have my old code backed up and will send you the apk if you need, at some point later, maybe the weekend.
Thank you for your reply!