Sdkbox youtube questions

Sdkbox youtube questions
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Hello i was tryining to make that sdkbox::pluging video get in z order back and reduce the screen size inside of my app , but i can not make that the node scale the static void playVideo() .
in helloworld i have this object:

HelloWorld *video;

and i have make friend

friend void playVideo ( const std::string & video_id ,int startMillis ,bool autoplay ,bool lightbox ) ;

auto Play=Node::create();
video->playVideo(“sYmQQn_ZSys”, 0, true, true);
Play->setContentSize( Size( visibleSize.width * 0.6,visibleSize.height *0.6) );
Play->setPosition( Vec2( visibleSize.width / 2 + origin.x, visibleSize.height / 2 + origin.y ) );
Play->setScale( 0.5 );

i want to ask if are there antoher method for resize the youtube video player?
i can not resize the bounding box