SDKBOX: Not restoring IAP


I created a IAP for my game.

I create an Apple Promo code for it to add it to my account, and it is accepted via the App Store.

However, “Restore Purchases” doesn’t work for it:

I added the IAP to sdkbox_config.json

I am ready for that product name in game.js

and I double-checked the product name in App Store Connect. The app was approved including the IAPs.

Is there anything I am missing? Thanks!

All the best,

We can ask @htlxyz to review this topic.

That would be great!

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

We can ask @htlxyz to review this topic.

is just the can’t be restored, or all item can’t be restored?

are you sure the account own this item

It works!

I was testing it using the Sandbox environment (via XCode), and my sandbox account didn’t own the item (only my real account). That was the solution. Thanks for looking into this!

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