SDKBOX multiple Ads

SDKBOX multiple Ads

I use Admob, AdColony, UnityAds and ChartBoost in my game.

It is for Android, and it is compiled in Windows.

When I updated the SDKBOX to v1.0.3.1 and the packages to v2.5.0.5, my game compiled ok, but it stop working right on start: Error in an Admob call to a module not existing in the compiled code.

The solution was creating a new project and importing the Admob as the last package (if import it before any other, it not works).

For example, in build.gradle, if you import anorther package after admob, the line below is removed from the file build.gradle:
dependencies { compile ‘’ }

I solved my problem, but this can help others to solve the problem, while the sdkbox is not fixed.

Thanks for your feedback.

I’ll fix this issue before next release.

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