SDKBOX Ideas & Requests

SDKBOX Ideas & Requests


I have not found any topic where to put the ideas and requests for SDKBOX and so I decided to create it. I hope it’s the topic of reference for any ideas and requests concerning this sdk.


You can create plug-in of advertising company with a lower priority compared to plugins that implement features dedicated to the development of a game (Ex. FMOD, leaderboards, achievements)?
The best advertising companies are already included (Perhaps lack Facebook Audience Network and Google AdMob) and develop new plugins similar delay the development of plugins that I think are more functional to the creation of a better game. The money comes later, what do you think?


Alright, we can try this topic and see if it yields useful feedback. Thank you for giving it a shot. Also, thank you for the feedback.



Sound systems aren’t the easiest things to get working across multiple devices but I would suggest looking into integrating WWISE by AudioKinetic over FMod. WWise is already in Marmalade and they have a few bindings, so it might be easier than FMod. The system is also more powerful.

I think the IAP plug-in needs some refactoring: specifically a state based approach for the notifications would be better than parsing strings. For example, when a user cancels a purchase IAP fires off onFailure but we don’t really know why the purchase failed: did the user cancel (onCanceled – which should be “onCancelled” doesn’t fire on Android, just onFailure which passes in a message saying user cancelled), did the net connection go down, did their payment fail, was the product not found, etc. A quick function to ask if the store is available would also help.

The strings in the notification give a clue as to what happened but it would be better if we could have fixed tag of codes. This way Failure could report what failed and why, including things like Restore instead of relying on multiple callback functions. I hope this makes sense.


Excellent suggestion for the IAP system.


It would be nice to have function to set Google Play public key (for IAP):

sdkbox::IAP::setGooglePlayKey(const std::string& key);

With this approach developer can decide whether put public key to sdkbox_config.json or use own algorithm to encrypt it and set in run-time.

What do you think?


I have only one suggestion for now, but it is a very important one:

*** make the sdkbox implementation open source ***


The #1 (and #2 and #3) reason we are using cocos2d-x to begin with is that it is open source. After having spent many years working with closed source frameworks, I could not emphasize this enough: It is very important to many developers to be able to see the code and make changes/improvements/addons.

I guess you want to be able to monetize on your work later on, but there are better ways, like providing professional consultation.


I think the facebook plugin needs a little bit more documentation in relation to the facebook app review process.

For instance the sample shows a hard coded text with the share link, but this will fail their review - you must ask the user for the text. I don’t mind the sample doing it (it’s just a sample), but a comment to be aware of review criteria at that point would prevent some heartbreak later.

Another example is permissions - the documentation doesn’t indicate which method requires which permission, which makes life a bit trickier when trying to figure out the minimum set required.

Then differentiating async and sync methods - login is sync but share link is async? It’s not clear, so can be tricky to get the work flow right without resorting to trial and error.

Finally the minimum android sdk supported is 15, but I wanted my app to support 9+. So I implemented a jni call to get the android build version and only call facebook APIs if sufficient. The jni call was pretty easy to implement, but it’s something that the plugins could provide (like a method that says whether a capability exists at runtime).


Any plugins for crash reporting planned?

Like crittercism or hockeyapp, although I guess it needs to be one that works with native code.

And a free one (does such a thing exist?)

Edit: Crashlytics is now free, and Crittercism is as well (I think). I couldn’t say which is the best for all round platform support + NDK reporting however.


Thank you for the feedback about what you want to see. I will mention this to the team.


Hi, I was just wondering is there are any plans for bluetooth or ad hoc or other kind of local multiplayer to be implimented?


i’ll like you more if you provide me the Admob service, SDKBox


Facebook Game Requests:

This is a killer feature for Facebook enabled games. Sharing in-game items, asking for help or match making!



I would like ask if there are plans on adding Facebook Message Dialog to the Facebook Plugin.
If there’s none, I would then take the honour of requesting for the said feature to be added on the Facebook Plugin.



it would be great if the onSuccess callback could have orderid information.

after consumption, google would return information like this:

"orderId": "12999763169054705000.1373263420600000",
"packageName": "",
"productId": "",
"purchaseTime": 1392983515012,
"purchaseState": 0,
"developerPayload": "xxx04392e9ca23874b14e8b31a37a05a",
"purchaseToken": "xxxszpnnyymngwxhgjozzvdv.AO-J1Oy_bJ4gBTBBmtVF21Y9yPQvUOV-XEc2HZr11ci4ToxVrDXlMQ-YJDQswSV9si7M1sls9aM282AyWAUHzsd3xXtkQ7u3RjP1aaEnAL6E3Z0Stys3-uZFop_GYZZVkRUysGXDWfhV"

but I could not get this information with the api described here:

we need those information to do server-side verification.


We would like to make a request.

Cross-platform cloud save for iOS and Android.

We think that many would benefit from having this in the SDKBOX.


Windows Phone support, why do people always neglect Windows :cry:


When will add Admob solution in SDKBOX? I want to use Admob network with SDKBOX.


Yeah what about this admob? You have like ton of request and you hesistate…