SDKBOX IAP: Screen Freezes when making purchase from iOS Appstore


I’m using cocos2d-x version 2.2.6 to make a game. I know this is a really old version but it’s what I’m using.

The problem I’m having is that when I try to make a purchase from the iOS App Store, the screen just completely freezes, with no response from buttons etc. When I exit the app and restart it, the purchase has been made. So I know that the connection is working. Also there is no program crash. The screen just freezes up, like it was paused or something.

I use the method sdkbox::IAP::purchase( [NAME] ) to make the purchase in the usual way. Then the screen freezes up. This method worked perfectly in the version built for Cocos2d-x V2 but not anymore. I have tried the latest version of SDKBox IAP and every version that still compiles in Xcode but I get the same problem.

Does anyone know why these screen freezes are happening, or how to prevent it?

Thanks for reading this.

plz check the app status with Xcode.

The latest SDKBox should work with cocos2d-x v2 too.