SDKBOX IAP Problem: Thread Issue?


I’m having a problem when I use the sdkbox::IAP::purchase([NAME]) method to make a purchase from the iOS app store. This isn’t a status problem I can connect, but when I do connect things go wrong.

What happens is that the screen freezes and then I get a slow memory leak happening in the app. Buttons don’t work anymore etc. I also get the message “XPC connection interrupted” in the output.

I googled “XPC connection interrupted” and found this thread

If you scroll to the bottom, the Apple staff member named eskimo explains about setting the RunLoopType property to NSRunLoop. I don’t know about threads but this could be my problem.

I’m just wondering if it is possible for someone to build a libc++ version of SDKBox::IAP but for version I also need SDKBox:AdMob and SDKBox:SDKBoxPlay.

So I need:


all built for libc++. I only need those three. I tried to get them from GitHub but they won’t compile so I’m sure they are not libc++.

I can understand this might be a chore but if someone could build them for me I would be very grateful. Otherwise my app won’t work :frowning:

Please help me out here.


Does anyone know if it is possible to build these frameworks for libc++?

Thanks for your help.

I have been using libc++ and have nothing go wrong with SDKBox on iOS