SDKBOX Firebase plugin import error

SDKBOX Firebase plugin import error
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I am trying to install the Firebase plugin in my Cocos2D-X project but the install operation fails every time with following error:

 downloading package sdkbox-googleplayservices_v2.3.17.7.tar.gz
Traceback (most recent call last):  ] 25%
  File "", line 9883, in <module>
  File "", line 9858, in main
  File "", line 7928, in perform
  File "", line 8601, in main
  File "", line 7928, in perform
  File "", line 9495, in cmd_import
  File "", line 8102, in set_plugin_source
  File "", line 8018, in determine_available_source
  File "", line 554, in curl
RuntimeError: timed out
 Performing at_exit cleanup.
 Tracking: {'cocos_installation': '3.14.1', 'sdkbox_version': '', 'cocos': '3.14.1', 'args': {'verbose': 2, 'legacy': None, 'installer': '/Users/Octane_Nimesh/.sdkbox/bin/sdkbox.pyc', 'manifest': 'manifest.json', 'nopatching': 0, 'runin': None, 'patcherrors': 0, 'project': '/Users/Octane_Nimesh/Desktop/MyCppGame/', 'noupdate': 0, 'silenttime': None, 'mvalue': None, 'nopatchingcpp': 0, 'local': 0, 'nohelp': 0, 'dryrun': None, 'jsonapi': 0, 'symbol': None, 'apitoken': None, 'mkey': None, 'info': None, 'remote': 1, 'plugin': u'googleplayservices', 'forcecopy': 0, 'days': 10, 'server': '', 'forcedownload': 0, 'command': 'import', 'alwaysupdate': 0}, 'return_status': None}

I have a pretty good internet connection and hence I am not expecting the timeout error. I am downloading the plugin file from the main server using below command:

sdkbox import firebase -vv

SDKBOX plugin version:
Cocos2D-X version: 3.14
Mac OS version: 10.12.6

I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic. Thank you.

@yinjimmy Can you help me with this issue?


Looks like it failed to download the plugin from the server we’ll double check and get back to you.


you can download the plugin with this link , and put it in folder ~/.sdkbox/plugins/, then run command sdkbox import firebase


try sdkbox import firebase until it success.



Thank you for the help. I manually downloaded all the required plug-ins. I found that with the latest version of these plugins, the timeout error is happening. Even when downloading the plugin using web browser, the speed is quite slow. May be there is some server side issue.

sdkbox list --json

will show you all plugins’ link.