Sdkbox-firebase integration in creator

i imported firebase plugin from the gui of creator and there are a couple of errors in the firebase.d.ts generated file. that is not allowing me to init the firebase analytics plugin from my ts code in the project.
i am also including a screenshot of the AppDelegate.cpp file to make sure things are fine from that end.


firebase.d.ts(line 7):

my project ts code:
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 1.29.41 PM

i am using cocos creator ver-2.4.3 and sdkbox gui ver-1.4.1, and i think there is some problem with the file firebase.d.ts(line 7).

please guide.

Edit: just to try something i changed line 7 of firebase.d.ts to :

declare module sdkbox.firebase {

this way in my code ,


was not underlined in red. however my app crashed upon launching.