SDKBOX Facebook integration

SDKBOX Facebook integration


i am using sdkbox to intehrate facebook.
I followed the tutorial but
sdkbox.PluginFacebook.login(); here sdkbox is showing as unresolved variable.

do i need to include any code in project.json?


@yinjimmy can help


what tutorial ?

do you register SDKBox Facebook plugin ?

#4 I followed the steps given in this page


sdkbox.PluginFacebook only works on iOS and Android. what platform do you run?


web platform.
You mean i need to code for all three platforms?
Because the game i am developing is for all 3 platforms(android, ios and web)


sdkbox only for iOS and Android, no web.


I am writing code in java script and developing app for all 3 platforms.
So how can i integrate Facebook to all 3 platform
Can you please explain in details


I think you need .


So the code will be like this
if (cc.sys.platform == cc.sys.IOS || cc.sys.platform == cc.sys.ANDROID)
//javaScript code for web?


yes. some code like yours.


Okay, Thank you
I will try to implement as above