SDKBOX AdMob Plugin, PluginAdMob

I’ve create an Android app to test the SDKBOX AdMobPlugin as per the guide here.

However, I am using TypeScript as opposed to JavaScript.

The SDKBox import process for the AdMob Plugin finishes successfully.

The problem is in the admobInit function. On the line that contains " sdkbox.PluginAdMob.setListener({ ", PluginAdMob is underlined in a red squiggle and the tip says, “Property ‘PluginAdMob’ does not exist on type ‘typeof sdkbox’.”

As a side note the PluginSdkboxAds does exist according to VSCode.

Why is PluginSdkboxAds working but not PluginAdMob?

admob.d.ts to control the Grammatical hints.
Maybe admob.d.ts was not copied into the project.

you can copy .sdkbox/plugins/sdkbox-iap_v2.7.1.0/plugin/jsbindings/admob.d.ts to your project root.

or ignore it ,this will not effect js binding function.

Thank you! :grinning:
That cleared up the red squiggle!
The path was slightly different: .sdkbox\plugins\sdkbox-admob_v2.7.1.2\plugin\jsbindings\admob.d.ts

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