Sdkbox admob not working in api 29(android)

Sdkbox admob not working in api 29(android)

I was making my game with api 27 and all was working fine, but I read that the mininum target api to load an app to google play is 28 already, so I decided to change my target api to 29. After this, when I want to show an ad(rewarded in this case) from admob don´t show anything.
This is the error: E/AdMob: rewarded is not in sdkbox_config.json
I have check that the file sdkbox_config.json is in “build\jsb-link\res” and “\build\jsb-link\frameworks\runtime-src\ studio\app\build\intermediates\merged_assets\release\mergeReleaseAssets\out\res”. The “rewarded” ad exists in both sdkbox_config.json:

This problem is happening with all the distinct ads.
Any help? Thanks :smiley:

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  1. does admob works with 28?
  2. unpack your apk to check sdkbox_config.json.


  1. With 28 it doesn’t work either.
  2. I have unpacked the apk and it is the same as the image.

I fixed it. All I had to do is reimport de AdMob plugin in the sdkbox gui (extension/sdkbox/launch in cocos creator) and then build and compile. :v:

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