Sdk intergration with cpp file

Sdk intergration with cpp file
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how to intergate 3rd party sdk in android project. im using eclipse


Well that depends on your sdk, java or c++? And it’s not so much a cocos question, the documentation for integrating any sdk into an eclipse project should be offered by the sdk owner.


i’m trying to integrate NoesisGUI with my cocos2dx cpp project. I’ve header files, .lib file and .dll file.
regarding to documentation, there is no such documentation provided


There used to be a blog post about this. Try searching there.


Hm, don’t you have .a or .so files? .lib and .dll are windows library files, I don’t think you can include them into an eclipse project, and since you only have header files and no source files, you won’t be able to compile the code yourself to android library files.


I dont have .a or .so file.
From where do i get those file NoesisGUI?
How to integrate them in my cocos2dx eclipse cpp project?
thanks for reply…


I don’t know where you can find those files in your case, I haven’t used that library, you should ask the provider of the sdk for that. After you have those files you just need to add them to your file. There are many examples on how to do that and you can find a pretty well documented guide here.