ScrollView auto size

ScrollView auto size
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Hello i am new to Cocos Creator and still learning it. Is there any way for ScrollView content holder to resize if I am setting content to programmatically? I know there is some “Widget” component but I am not sure how it works and if that will even help :frowning:


You have to use the layout component on the content inside the scrollview.


This does’t work, according to the samples collection the height of content must be calculated.


I have no problems with that. On the content node I have this

And when I add new nodes from prefabs it automatically resizes the scroll view.

You have to make sure that your items have the correct height / width.


:thinking::thinking: I will try this.


Yes ,you are right it’s working.


Thanks for help. Works perfectly. Just what I was looking for! Sorry for late replay tho :slight_smile: