Running Cocos Creator 3.0 on the server for server side predictions

I am wondering is there an option to run Cocos Creator 3.0 on the server for multiplayer games?
I would like to do something similar to what nengi did for engine BabylonJS: timetocode/nengi-babylon-3d-shooter: nengi+babylon template of a 3d shooter with client-side prediction and lag compensation (
So game would need to run on the server and predict if target was hit by the player (lag compensation) but I don’t know if there is such option in Cocos Creator 3.0

Can you run something more designed for this and send data back and forth from client to server, server makes a decision and sends back? I’m not sure about latency either. That would be an issue I assume.

Creator isn’t ready for a server environment at this point. What I mean is running a central Creator server. That’s not in our list currently l, that I know of.

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Thank you for an answer. I am not sure about checking raycasts in the other engines would give the same results (different scales of the imported gltf files etc. may cause problems). Having an option to run Cocos on the server to control game logic would be helpful but I can see why it is not a priority.