Resolution on all mobile devices

I’m new to cocos2d, and I used cocos creator 2.3.3. I would like to make responsive for mobile devices from the smallest model to the largest model, I would like to know how to view I put a design resolution w:1080 h:2400 and the authentication interface to the interface of the reception are in portrait and the game scene is in landscape.
Well I have a problem with my home scene, my elements can’t be seen very well
Here are some pictures

this is one of the authentication scenes that is functional on all mobiles

Capture d’écran (99)
this is the welcome scene that does not work well on small phones, while the authentication scenes are displayed well on all sizes of phones

I could have a solution to make sure to use a single design resolution for all mobile sizes while keeping all my elements where they should be?

UI elements must be able to intelligently sense the positions of the borders of the screen to make sure that they are presenting themselves in the visible area of the screen and being distributed in suitable positions, you can refer to :Widget Alignment · Cocos Creator

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