Removing AnySdk to avoid Apple Store Rejection with Coco 1.8.1

Removing AnySdk to avoid Apple Store Rejection with Coco 1.8.1
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I am wondering if we still need to remove AnySdk to avoid Apple Store Rejection when submitting an app for iOS using CocoCreator 1.8.1?

With Coco 1.5.2, I had to follow this article for Apple to accept my app.

A lot have changed since 1.5.2, most of the files described in this document don’t even exist anymore. So I’m wondering, Have anyone submit an app to the Apple Store using Coco 1.8.1 and did you have to remove anything concerning AnySdk?

thanks a lot!


If you are submitting to an appstore outside of China, what are you using AnySDK for? I’d say remove it if you are not using it. Same with any other SDK you are not using.


thanks for answering

I am not using AnySdk. but with Coco Creator 1.5.2 it was added to the xCode project automatically, I had to do manual removing of AnySdk so Apple would accept my application.

I am simply asking if i still need to remove those component manually?


I would remove it. Also, it might be worth upgrading to 1.8.1 where all of this stuff is modular now.


yes… I am right now using 1.8.1… that is my original question! :rofl:


I just rebuild and recompile my project with 1.8.1 and I dont want my app to be rejected again!


oh, sorry I saw 1.5.1 and then 1.8.1 in the title while I was replying. 1.8.1 allows you to remove a lot of stuff you might not need.


So, my question: do we need to do anything about AnySdk if we want an app made with 1.8.1 to pass on Apple Store?

Anybody had to face this or I am to be the first one! :wink:


Its a good question. I can ask the engineering team for an answer.


No, we don’t. But ensure the AnySDK is unselected.


all right! thanks @jare. I’ll let you know the result when I submit my app.