Remote Config Does Not Fetch Debug Configs

Remote Config Does Not Fetch Debug Configs

I am using Cocos Creator 2.2.0 with sdkbox plugins v2.6.0.1. I set up and deployed both Debug and Live sdkbox configs for Google Play on

In AppDelegate.cpp, the live configs are fetched correctly with this line:
sdkbox::init(<application_token>, <application_secret>, "googleplay");

However in debug mode (project built with debug=true via Cocos Creator, and running the android app with build variant set to debug), I still only get the live configs. I tried using sdkbox::init(<application_token>, <application_secret>, "googleplay", true);, but this only returns the live configs as well.

How can I get the debug configs? Thanks!

I’m so sorry, there is no debug mode for liveOps.

plz download the config file and test it locally.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, thank you for the reply!

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