Rebuilding LiquidFun for cocos2d-x

Rebuilding LiquidFun for cocos2d-x

I successfully integrated LiquidFun with my project.

I want to make changes to the source code of LiquidFun so I need to rebuild the libraries under the prebuilt folder for each platform.

This software allows me to do this but I can’t figure out how to do it for my own forked copy of LiquidFun with my changes.

On the bottom of the README it says I can do this by following the instructions, I can’t figure it out though :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


My solution was - I have’t upgraded to cocos2dX with these prebuilts, because yea, rebuilding with some own code, it is additional task and requires some real attention.


Can you build liquidfun as a static library and just add the library to your cocos2d-x project?


That is the problem how do I do that, how do I build LiquidFun into a static library for every architecture?


What liquid fun repo are you using now?


I can’t remember how I integrated it.


I think static linking should be possible. Are you using this repo: or this:


I tried for hours but only getting errors.

I simply copied the source code and used some vim tricks to format everything into

I ran a successful build :slight_smile:


I made this project for devs who want easy LiquidFun integration with cocos2d-x.
With it you can modify LIquidFun also without going through the horrors of rebuilding :slight_smile:

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You are awesome. A gentleman and a scholar.

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