Problem with type return of loadRemote of Asset Manager

i use this code

cc.assetManager.loadRemote('',{ext: '.png'}, (err, texture) => console.log(texture));

But type of texture is cc.Asset but it’s not cc.texture2d

Hi, what version of Creator are you using?

cocos creator 2.4.3

Hi, Which platform you tested? it works on web on my machine,

I am also failed to download and put the image on a spriteframe.Someone please help on this.
problem is in converting texure2d to spriteframe.I am using cc version 3

@sooryans Not quite sure what your specific problem is, perhaps you could try the approach in the following image:


thanks for your effort.sorry for this late reply too.
I just need to know how to download image from a url and apply it on a spriteframe.
I tried things from docs,not working.