Preview in editor error: "[PreviewInEditor] Cannot read property 'length' of null"

Cocos creator version: 3.8.1

error message call stack:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null

at Node._updateSiblingIndex (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at eval (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at Map.forEach (<anonymous>)

at _sortSiblings (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at Director.emit (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at Director.tick (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at Game._updateCallback (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/

at updateCallback (/Applications/Cocos/Creator/3.8.1/
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I have faced the same issue. Don’t really understand in which moment it happens yet.