Possible do 3d squeeze cards?

Is it possible do 3d squeeze cards like this?
like mega hit poker

looks like 3D. I think this will be possible in Cocos Creator 3D, when it comes out in the next months:

I checked the 3d function, look like no have bend object features

My best guess is to create a 3d rigged plan and use it for the card.

using cocos creator or cocos creator 3D?

The would create the card itself in Blender, Maya or 3dsMax (I prefer Blender).
Then transfer it to Cocos Creator (No need for the 3d one).

Please note that in your video, all the cards are rotating in 2D.
The only scene that the are bending is in specific case when the player view his own cards (in this case, change your 2d sprites to 3d cards and bend them using the rig you created in Blender).

I know that it would work in Three.JS lib.
So I guess that with a little “tweaks” it would be possible to make it work in cc.

I didn’t tried this yet so every thing I wrote here is in theory.

In three.js you have a morphTarget() method that can bend 3d objects:

Maybe you can mimic it somehow to CC.

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Too bad i’m not professional until that, this 3d squeeze cards make me headache