Poll: Remove Android ADT support

Poll: Remove Android ADT support
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Hi Everyone,

Can you take the time to read these questions and let us know your thoughts?

  1. Remove Android ADT support. Now there is proj.android for Android ADT (based on Eclipse), and proj.android-studio for Android Studio. The cocos command also supports Android Studio, and it is more easy to use Android Studio.
  • Yes, this is fine with me.
  • No, I still need Android ADT.
  • I don’t care about this.

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I voted “Yes, this is fine with me.” as long as we get a decent debugging alternative…
You mentioned in another post, that we will soon be able to build and debug Android projects with VS2015 and therefore I believe it’s more than OK to drop Eclipse for the sake of a better IDE ;).


But cocos2d-x doesn’t really support android studio :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t use gradle and just call “cocos” command (I know, for eclipse it’s just python script). And can I edit c++ files in the same window with autocompletion in android studio? Can I debug them? If I can do all these things then yes, it’s fine with me.

Also in precompiled project there isn’t android-studio directory.


Please give full support to Android-studio, it has 100% NDK support. Currently cocos doesn’t support to gradle and cant edit C++ files too. Then you can remove ADT support.


@makalele i think you can not do the things in Eclipse too, i mean current supporting of Android Studio is as more as Eclipse ADT. And we will continue to improve Android Studio supporting.

@smitpatel88 Android Studio doesn’t support NDK perfectly. I tried to use gradle to compile C++ codes but find it doesn’t supporting complex folder structure as cocos2d-x has. You can refer to this ticket for detail information.


As long as cocos compile/run/deploy still works I don’t care. I no longer use Eclipse, however.


I found that it not works very very well of course I’m with stevetranby, some of the stuffs that I found when I was working with the Cocos Helper framework was this. If you use a lot of external libraries you could have more than 65k methods then you cannot upload the APK to some stores, Android Studio have a fix with some jar library for that but in eclipse that library doesn’t work, this happen more when you use Google play services, It will be nice to have more support to android studio but I think we need for now.


Ok, i don’t know about that. Hope there is a way :slight_smile:


currently myself i do not use Eclipse, but it is because i can run my projects under XCode, i vote ‘No, I still need Android ADT’ because some one have no Mac to run his projects under XCode, add Android Studio gradle support and you can remove this stuff.


Same here, ok with dropping eclipse support but not until the full support of android-studio and graddle!


Ok as long as it works fine… and if possible smooth upgrade to previous ADT project to android studio.


i really need fully support debugging C++ with android-studio, please focus on this feature. thanks all Cocos contributors


Hi all, i got your meaning.
We should remove ADT support until full gradle support, such as debugging. Right?


Personally I still use proj.android, because I still need to manage every single files for android, I prefer to have complete access and I don’t use Android Studio (just for debugging)


Any idea about requirements ?
Android Studio is too big, as I see. Install both VS and Android Studio lead my computer to run slowly :frowning:


Exactly, when android studio will be fully supported you can drop adt :slight_smile:


@lyvinhloi_cntt Developers using Mac need it to debug C/C++ codes.
@makalele I know, but currently Android Studio doesn’t support native developing well.

Edit: But Android Studio supports native developing better than ADT though it is not so good right now.


I see, what about gradle support?


@makalele what did you mean gradle support?