Poll: Live stream style

Poll: Live stream style
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Right, some companies would consider that marketing, as it is important news / change and not some ordinary “how is it going message”.

It went up to 42!
The question is: does nobody care or does nobody know of the poll?

I second that.
It seems the users just don’t know of the polls, as they are not so much interested in the forum. This thread has only 316 views in total!


Hi @iQD, @slackmoehrle

I think it could be beneficial with this info, for future developers coming from the outside, looking for a game engine / framework, they can look at a graph showing the number of community members, along with downloads ( Cocos2dx, Cocos Creator ), as well as a map through IP showing members in the community, which countries…Thanks and God Bless…




At this time we are not pursuing this.