Poll: Live stream style

Poll: Live stream style
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  • I prefer a sales/marketing style presentation
  • I’d like it to be technical, on one specific topic
  • I’d like it to be technical on a few small topics
  • Just code a game while we watch (and take input from audience)
  • Demonstrate engine functionality from cpp-tests
  • Something else, I am leaving a comment below.

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Nice to have it back again. :smiley:

There are some books in the market which already teach basic things or games but some interesting stuff, I found missing.

Here is a list, I may wish to learn:
1) Coding a basic game(or only the functionality) using rope.
- Adding texture to it, not simply physics body of rope
- Showing properties like slacking rope when a heavy item is suddenly added to a rope.
- Cutting a rope.

Rope looks the most interesting part in physics to me.

2) camera api of cocos2d-x, never been able to use it properly and none of the English books talked about it.

3) I know building for android but what necessary changes to make for iOS build.

4) SDKBOX google multiplayer services, basic working.

5) Taking game’s screenshot and sharing this score screenshot on social media

Or may be some interesting small topics which shows apis not available in books or programmer’s guide atleast :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m agree with @catch_up , if something specific, simple multiplayer or local are cool, that’s not available in books or programmer’s guide atleast :stuck_out_tongue:


What I’d like to have is the development of a reasonably complete game over several sessions.

The concept should be simple then improved over sessions.

So the first could be setting up
Then controlling player movement
Add sound
add baddies
If there is a design idea of the game type and genre, but accept input from viewers that would be even better!
Just a thought


Erm… what’s the question? I only see answers…


Nice question for the answers :smiley:

You can go through the poll options to get an idea.
Explicitly, there is a session some time sooner, I think on twitch and he is asking for suggestions if we have any. :slight_smile:


That sunded like something Yoda would say :wink:


I have the same opinion of @catch_up


Out of 31,500 forum members We have 24 responses. I’ll just have to make the decisions myself!


It is such an interesting (and important) topic that you should be able to send an email to each and every developer registered to the forum to let them aware of it :slight_smile:


I would consider that SPAM, I guess. Perhaps others would not.


It’s worrying if only 24 people tune in!


@_@ Sorry, I don’t understand the poll question, can someone explain to me what is the purpose of this poll? Live stream style for what?


take a look here


Thanks for your enlightenment !!


Hi @slackmoehrle

Do you have any metrics, concerning out of those 31,500 forum members, how many have downloaded cocos2dx and Cocos Creator? These 31,500 forum members, also include the Asian Market ( Chinese, etc…) or are they seperate? I think it could be beneficial to show a graph concerning amount of members in the Cocos2dx community, and percentage of download usage regarding the ecosystem ( Ccocos2dx and Cocos Creator ). Thanks and God Bless…




This is sort of off topic for this thread.


But a very interesting one. Could you please start another topic with this information?


Your idea is looking more interesting to me.i am adding one extra point, please also build a game with cocos creator tool .i would like if c++ language is used.