Poll: Forum rules to be stricter?

Poll: Forum rules to be stricter?
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I have been told that I run these forums to lax and single out specific users and remove their posts due to their opinions. They suggested i tighten the rules and regulations and start being much harder on the users here, their post content, etc. This means more banning of users, issuing warnings, removing content, etc.

Do you all want this?

  • Yes, make the forums more strict
  • No, don’t change anything

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I’ve never seen any posts I think are inappropriate here (certainly not compared to some other forums I visit!!!)
Maybe I have posted some that are sufficiently off-topic myself to warrant a slapped wrist - but censorship takes time and effort and is difficult to get right. I think you have it about right, closing topics before I go to far…


I think the posters here are generally good, and the moderation is good also. Maybe come down a little harder on people who derail threads either by moving their content to another top-level post (if the content has merit) or removing it entirely (if it’s just noise).


Thank you for the feedback. This thread is coming out of a user private messaging me saying that he didn’t respect me because I don’t do a good enough job administering these forums consistently. That I treat users different and otherwise single him out.


You can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

I think you generally to pretty good at both.


Well the more stricter rules will pull back lots of good folks either… just saying :slight_smile: