PluginSdkboxPlay: showAchievements, showLeaderboards crash (Android only)

PluginSdkboxPlay: showAchievements, showLeaderboards crash (Android only)
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Getting the crashes:

at (
at (
at (
at (
at com.sdkbox.plugin.SdkboxGPGAchievements.showAchievements (

at (
at (
at (
at (
at com.sdkbox.plugin.SdkboxGPGLeaderboards.showLeaderBoardImpl (
at com.sdkbox.plugin.SdkboxGPGLeaderboards.showLeaderboard (

Any idea why this would be happening? This is a release app downloaded from Google Play store

Edit: I’m not sure if there is some OAuth problem- the instructions from google were a lot more complex than the process I went through- basically it seemed to generate everything for me, and gave me the message: “You only need to include the application ID (my app number) in your Android app.”, which I did. This was for an app that was already on the store though, so maybe that was all taken care of…


no Google Play Services on the Android device?


That might be the case! The person who is testing mentioned they didn’t have it set up. The thing is, I thought I accounted for that:

void MainMenu::achievementCallback(cocos2d::Ref* pSender) {
if (!sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::isSignedIn()) {



Nothing should happen if the user is not signed in, unless I misunderstood something here


I should mention this is using cocos2d-x v3.15.1, and sdkbox v1.0.1.24, and written in C++
The device that was used for testing was a Nexus 6P running Android O

I also upgraded the sdk numbers not sure if this would affect anything?


can u double check the file ?

is it the SDKBOX.init(this); there?


Yes that line is there.
Is it possible that increasing compileSdkVersion to 26 is the problem? Maybe it is calling for a screen that doesn’t exist in later versions


would u try the compileSdkVersion=25 or 23?


It’s currently 26… I might try uploading builds with lower sdk versions, that’s a last resort haha