PlayEffect lagging and format support

PlayEffect lagging and format support
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I’m currently playing around with the Sound engine from cocos, as far as i remember .ogg doesn’t work on all platforms or at least has some issues? not sure if this is still true. I’ve read in some discussions that .aac should be fine on all platforms, but it doesn’t work on Windows? can anyone tell me which Format works on all platforms? best would be .aac and .ogg since they are smaller.

And I’m getting huge Frame Drops when playing an effect on Windows, even if I preload the effect which is really strange? does anyone know about this Performance issue? so far I can’t really tell what it might be, since the VS profiler didn’t give any good profiler results. I’ve only noticed that each time a thread exits when the lag happens, but this might be just the Audio thread i guess,


it seems to work fine on android, but not 100% sure,
in windows it is really bad though


still didn’t find a solution to this, playing sfx is really annying since it caues lags for animations.
still need help there


Here are the formats:


uff so it seems like i can’t use any compressed format for all platforms, seems like only mp3 is supported?
but as far as i remember from a older project we were able to use .aac or .m4a on ios,xcode,windows and android.


I don’t think this has ever been the case that I can recall. The native platforms don’t all support these same encodings.