Play time is over: iOS developers can no longer ignore iPhone X

Play time is over: iOS developers can no longer ignore iPhone X
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Also, if not mistaken, all the apps need to be updated towards IOS11. In my opinion, I think Apple is making this push for AR. The devices that are compatible with AR began with Iphone 6 >, and ARKit works in conjunction with IOS11.…Hence, the push…But that’s just my opinion…Personally, I’m begining to wonder even if it’s worth it, to keep on making games, let it be mobile, desktop, etc…Just FYI…God Bless…




AR is cool, but not yet mainstream.

This is part of being a developer…adaption and flexibility. Developers that can master this survive in the marketplace. Those that don’t, won’t.


I agree with slackmoehrle… We have yet to see how popular AR will become. Personally, I feel there are plenty of opportunities out there which don’t involve AR. I personally see AR as something that iPhone users will fiddle with but not spend the majority of their time with… At least not in the near future. Might be wrong though…

Flappy Bird is a good example of how advanced yet creative a game developer needs to be. As a kid I used to play games on my Nintendo which were more advanced than Flappy Bird. Playstation games are more advanced and have been more advanced for the past I don’t know how many years.

Apple will not require apps to support AR anytime soon. If they decide to force AR on developers soon, it will be goodbye Apple.


And, just because a popular company comes out with something “new and cool” doesn’t mean companies that support those products have to drop everything to implement it.

Technically if you want to use AR with Cocos2d-x, you dont need us to implement it for you. You can use Objective-C and write a simple wrapper to then allow you to use it with your C++ code. Stack Overflow has a lot of examples on how to do this. Once you have your wrapper then you might need to create some glue to take data types and help them match up when passing between functions.


…or maybe playtime is only just beginning?! Seriously this is an evergreen challenge, yes? The requirements are always being updated to require newer OS versions and more hardware types. If you want to despair about something - worry about how many new releases are flooding the App Store every day and how hard it is to get noticed! But then you come to the forums and every once in a while you see a new post that lifts your spirits again. Good luck to everyone staying in the game!


If the cocos team wants to support AR Kit (out of the box), I also want to add, that Google has AR Core and this shouldn’t be ignored. At the moment it’s just in preview 2 (only 8 devices support it yet - 4x Google and 4x Samsung). It’s the successor of Project Tango, if someone knows that.

Why should the do that? Not every app needs AR.

PS: Maybe the SDKBox team will build a (closed source) bridge for that.


I looked at the Google link and find it interesting. I see some game making software will support AR. Personally, I’m not ready to dive into AR. I believe AR might be a good opportunity to get in on while it’s new because it might give developers some new opportunities which will be less competitive.

However, I believe that the opportunities will be there for a longer while. Hey, AR might flunk. Other technologies have flunked as well. I believe social networks and photo apps brought a lot of focus to this AR.

Problem with these big companies is that they have to constantly innovate. VR was Google’s more recent innovation. AR for Apple. Now Google has to match and outdo Apple and so on. We all experience this. We have competitors, Cocos has their own and so on. Only time will tell what we will do next. It will be interesting to see the direction we are led to.

The Cocos team will likely be amongst the many to realize that AR cannot be ignored when and if it can no longer be ignored. However, it might be a good opportunity for the Cocos team to join in while it’s in early stages if they have any belief that the technology will succeed.


Its not for AR
Article says that Developers have to build with iOS-11 or higher
So we have to take care of Notch/safe-area.


By the way - don’t ready any articles, read source