Performance on ios simulator

Performance on ios simulator
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Hi Guys!

I used to work with cocos js some time ago. It was working pretty good, I did some projects, one under company, second one on cocos js competition (pendrive still working! :D). Then I changed job, changed a “industry”… Now I want back to cocos, play with it a little, create a simple game, simple project but…
God, why performance on ios simulator is so bad? 3 years ago it was 60 fps with multi sprites/layers/animation and so on. Today I just run plain project (created from cmd) and it is 20 fps! What happened? Is it a simulator issue?Is it common? Should I changed my settings in project.json? Should I remove/disable some unused libraries in cocos?

Sorry for another performance topic - the old ones I have read was created couple of months/years ago and I think they are outdated now.
I lost my iPhone, I will have it back in 2 days, I will try it on real device later… but for now I just wanted to test it simulator and I am disappointed :frowning:

just forgot - I am talking about 3.14.1 cocos version


The key is to use the Xcode instrument to find the performance bottleneck in your program, exactly which function is most expensive in the time cost, would you improve this function?

In the last week, we solved a performance issue, which is “my game made with cocos creator is OK on iOS, while very slow on android”. After performance tracing, the bottleneck is that, the game invoke localStorage too often in their logic. So please start with the Xcode instrument and find your performance hotspots.