Particle Effects Opacity

Hi, I am using some particle effects in my game, but the opacity of the particle is still very low even after setting all RGBA values ​​of the particle to 255 full capacity.
And another problem is when I set the RGB value to 0 to create the black particle effect. Then the particle is not visible, black particle is generation in cocos 2dx but not in cocos creater.
Screenshot (23)

Is there any solution for this?

What version of Cocos Creator are you using? Do you have a small demo project that reproduces the issue? I can ask engineering if they have any thoughts too.

Hi, slackmoehrle
I am using cocos 3.3.2 version , and i attached a small clip of that particle effects

Thank you!

Hello, can you provide a demo for testing?

in this file, i attached two-particle effect one is a spin particle and another one is splashing particle , i want to increase the opacity of both and i want to change the splashing particle to black color (1.3 MB)

Thank you. I will ask engineering to review your demo project.

You need to modify the blend mode of the material.

demo: (14.1 KB)