[PAID] Looking to hire cocos creator developer

[PAID] Looking to hire cocos creator developer


hi guys,

I want to convert the “Bubble Shooter Raccoon” from unity asset store to Cocos Creator JS. as the exported version needs to be html based

all the requirements that need to be done regarding this game are written in the following document
you don’t need to implement the level editor - but make sure to read the whole document to understand the job

a few heads up:

  • I’m the original requester of this job, if you see similar posts to this, that means that these “developers” tried to pass this job to someone else
  • when you apply to this job you need to send me proof that you are familiar with that engine, aka playable games
  • we pay fixed prices for the entire project and will be discussed it with the developers, that means that you tell me how much you want to project like this and we will see if it is affordable for us or not


The Unity description says Bubble Shooter Raccoon Rescue + EDITOR. I assume this means a level editor to make your own levels.

You want bids for the game + editor?


in the document i specified that the editor isn’t needed.
i updated it in the post as well so it will be more clear.

thanks jason


This document also seems to be calling http://as for the project for download link which my browser decides to send to https://us.as.com/.

Also, to clarify, when you say made in Cocos Creator:

  • You want Cocos Creator and Javascript to where everything is done in Cocos Creator.


  • The developer can use Cocos Creator to layout the scenes but then export to c++ and use an IDE, etc.


thanks again.

i updated.

if there is something else not clear please let me know, this feedback is important.


Sure, but which way do you want the developer to use Creator? I scanned the document again fast so perhaps I overlooked this answer. :slight_smile:


i updated it in the post.
" Cocos Creator JS. as the exported version needs to be html based"

but updated the document as well :slight_smile:


@slackmoehrle Just curious much do people charge for something like this?


I don’t follow exactly. I’m sure people have their own prices. It’s not my project.

I felt like this would take me 6 weeks. If you read the doc there is custom work the OP wants besides the porting, etc. Plus QA and bugs. There is also always scope creep, even if you think there won’t be.


Yeah, I am a developer myself and wondering how much stuff like this cost. I think 6 weeks is very optimistic :slight_smile:


It would be longer than 8 hours each day and 7 days each week. 6 cases of Red Bull and a prepaid pizza card. Lol.


and a lot of coffee :smile:


it depends on the skill of the programmer + their location


Why location?


this is due to cost of living.
similar professions can make different amount of money based on where they live