[PAID][COMPLETED] Render to Video on a Linux Server

[PAID][COMPLETED] Render to Video on a Linux Server
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You need to update cocos2d-x “HelloWorld” on linux to save the output in a video file. The binary should run on a server (headless without UI) and save the video in local disk. You will be given access to a linux machine with root access.

Obviously this is an advanced problem and we are looking for experts or people with past experience in solving similar problem. It will pay well.



What does it mean? Save the game as a video?


Yes. The game should run on a linux server without any UI.

I was able to solve this though. By routing the output to X Virtual Frame Buffer and then capturing it via FFMPEG. FPS is still an issue, but my current games don’t have a ton of animations so it’s not very visible.