[PAID] Cocos2d-x shader programming

[PAID] Cocos2d-x shader programming
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Dear cocos2d-x community,

We are looking for talented and shader expirienced developer who can help our team to win shaders for our awesome game. The first point is to change existing shader - https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker/tutorials/lighting-demo-cocos2d-x

What we need to change:

  • make it specular light
  • apply glass material for objects, that shader applied to
  • batch mode for multiple objects (not required)

We already have textures and normal maps for objects, so we can share test examples.



Dear Aleksey

I’ve sent you a mail. Hope to work with you.



Hello Aleksey,

I am interested in this, pls provide the details in PM. One of my shader in action https://youtu.be/8-y-7SoFtEA