Office Hours: Tuesday 11/5

Office Hours: Tuesday 11/5

Hi Everyone,

I will be holding Office Hours, Tuesday 11/5 starting at about 9:30am EST and lasting until it makes sense to stop. I’ll update this post with a Twitch link later today.

The scope can be anything that you like. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get the answer and get back to you.

A few things I may be working on when you join:

  • Creator tutorial creation
  • updating some Linux docs for clarification.
  • @Refetizm has an FPS bug that I thought I might take a look at live.
  • I might dust off one of my c++ games and get it back I shape to then port to Creator as part of a continued live stream tutorial our team has been thinking about

However the main point is for you to stop in and ask whatever. Comment below if you have something interesting.


Thanks ! That’s what I’m looking for to ! I really love c++ , so I think we can port it to Creator, right !