Nodes hierarchy when multiple colliders

Hi, I have Nodes B and C that are sub-nodes of A which has its own collider/rigidBody. What I would like to achieve is to set listeners for B and C when they, for instance, intersects with the floor. The thing is that listeners need rigidBody and add them to the sub-nodes just doesn’t work. Is there a better pattern for this ?

2023-03-08 12.21.44

Why not use a node to wrap the three child nodes?

In this case I will share the same collider right ? The idea is that C and B will not interact physically as A. A is dynamic rigidbody where B and C should have a kinematic one.

Maybe you can try this:
3.x: PhysicsSystem2D.instance.testPoint
2.x: cc.PhysicsManager.testPoint()

Sounds good, I’ll try :ok_hand:

That worked :ok_hand: thank you!

2023-03-10 22.13.07