No more updates to cocos2d-html5?

No more updates to cocos2d-html5?

I have a cross-platform(include html5) project written in old-style cocos2d-js paradigm, where logic extends basic cocos2d classes.
Today i have seen a new commit to cocos2d-html5 repo, that says that all development is moved to engine of cocos creator.
As i can see, that there are a lot of new features in it, but i have tons of “old-style” code, most of it i don’t understand how to migrate to cocos-creator.
There is no way to use engine of Creator like cocos2d-html5 framework?


Correct. Cocos2d-html5 wont receive any more upgrades (AFAIK).


And there will be no guide how normally to migrate from old-style code?


We dont have a guide currently. I dont know that we have plans to make one.