NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

I’m supposed to post a “Hi” here to gain basic privileges… Hi?

Welcome @hansah to the community.

I’m using cocos2d and then cocos2d-x since ages, but is time to start posting. Hi.

Welcome @Rarepixels

Hallo! :smiley:
Id wat to participate and being part of the forum

Hi I use cocos2d-x for the first time and I like using it. I would be honored to join the forum.

Hi from France !

Hello to all of our new developers.

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Hi to all of our new friends.

Hello. I’m a developer using cocos2dx.
Take good care of me

Welcome to our new developers.

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hi i am new here

Hi all. Actually I’m old user on this forum and now I’m doing cocos2d game

hello! i cant deal with shaders… were i should start? (or continue, i have been dealing with this for a time now) …well, i actually want to change a color in an image(not pixel art) and well… shaders looks like a good idea XD (i’ll open an issue if i cant find anything my level :stuck_out_tongue: )

Feel free to post a new topic about this @SleepyFang


someone please tell me where i’m wrong ??

@_Wolf please post a new topic and avoid asking questions in this topic, please.

Hi! I’m new user.


I am new .
so, hello everybody.


I am a game developer from Finland.

Best regards,