New Cocos IDE 2.0?

New Cocos IDE 2.0?

What features does it have? I just downloaded it (mac os version) and system is saying binary is broken.

Here too.

Maybe try to download it thru Cocos from Cocos Studio 2

Check out our tutorial series on Cocos Code IDE

@SonarSystems cocos code ide 2.0 isn’t eclipse anymore.

indeed it isn’t

Is any sort of documentation expected to come on the subject? I so far am still using the command line interface and sublime to do my development. I could not get the new IDE to recognize that Python was installed, any time I tried to set it up, the cocos plugin just caused NullTerminator errors (seen in the console everytime I would try and click on save or apply for the cocos settings).

I was wondering what the plan is for JS support, since the community edition of Intellij (which is what cocos code ide is based on) does not support JS its not really nice to work with right now.

We are planning the Cocos Code IDE v2 video tutorial series which will commence very soon.


Is there C++ support or only Lua/Js?

No there is no C++ support. Personally I prefer Visual Studio or Xcode.

Looking forward to this!

I am very much hoping v2 will provide a good development environment for Lua. I am finding the existing Code IDE very slow sometimes…

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We are finishing planning the series and finishing recording the Cocos Studio series so next week, not long now.

Cool. Used to work with the old IDE and everything was fine. Now, I’m not sure on the IDE setup for the new one… My run button is always greyed out…

We will try ASAP

That sounds great, looking forward to it!!!
I enjoyed your video series on cocos studio

Shouldn’t be long now, planning will finish on Saturday then recording will commence once the Cocos Studio tutorials are done.

Hey @SonarSystems

You have a tutorial on v2.0 code IDE which is eclipse based. Where can I get that version from?

The current v2.0 beta intellij based doesn’t work reliably. Any suggestions?

v2.0 is only intellij not Eclipse