Need Help to check feasibility


I m Sorry, If this question violate any forum rules.

I am planning to develop game which will be compatible on iOS, Android and Facebook for this We are thinking for using Cocos2d-JS because it convert code to native platform on mobile.

But we have some questions which answer we did not get till now, Questions are as below.

  1. Can we integrate Facebook in game ( write once and work on all 3 platform )
  2. For In-App purchases, Is there any support or add on available through which we can integrate In-App ( write once and work on all 3 platform )
  3. Can we do web service call and parse json data
  4. Can we have local storage functionality available ( all 3 platform has different storage options)

Please help me, I am very new to game development and I need to finalize technology on which I can develop game for above mention platforms.

Please Please guide me.

Thank you.

Vimal Beeline.