My breakout/roguelike, Roguebreaker is out on Steam for $3.99

My breakout/roguelike, Roguebreaker is out on Steam for $3.99

It’s a small little project but it’s great to play for a few minutes a day to blow off steam, or while you’re waiting for a match to start. You play a series of randomly chosen maps, collecting upgrades as you go, like extra paddles or slowmo. It’s a lot of fun.

Check it out on Steam! or even add it to your wishlist and grab it on sale

It uses cocos2d-x 3.16 and Creator, along with Cricket Audio and the Steam SDK for Leaderboards/Workshop/Stats support. You can create maps and upload them to Steam for everyone else to play.

I had to fork cocos2dx to add support for changing resolution, forked the creator_cpp plugin for creator to work with Layouts, and a few other misc things I can’t remember, but otherwise it’s basically only cocos2dx. It was a lot of fun to make.

Here’s a link to the Steam store page. Please let me know what you think, because I’m planning on keeping this bad boy in development for as long as I can!


Congrats on the release!

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Thanks! It wasn’t all that bad to get going on Steam afterall.

Can you share how you got Greenlight?

I think for some developers writing a game for Steam and not knowing if they can get it GreenLight would be daunting…

I got in as part of Steam Direct, their new post-Greenlight system. All you need to do is pay $100 USD and then upload some tax info.

Then you have to get your storepage approved, by following their checklist and filling in the basics like description and tags, then getting your build approved after a manual review.

Then finally you hit launch, because even with a release date set, you still have to do it manually.

So you developed the game using the Steam API and then paid the money and got things approved, then launched. Do you pay the $100 each year like an Apple Developer Membership?

Basically, although I developed most of the game without Steam’s SDK until I implemented the leaderboard, workshop and stats, so out of the 4 months I spent working on the game, maybe the last month or so was dealing with Steam at all.

You only need to pay 100$ per Steam app once AFAIK, it is not a recurring thing like iOS.

How do you handle any issues between deploying Steam for Windows or Steam for Mac, etc?

I’ve only tried Steam for Windows, I don’t have an OSX or iOS device. The docs have sections for Macs so I don’t think that it would be any more of an issue, save for less people on the dev forums to help if you get stuck. I say go for it and see, people are very friendly there.

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Mac is super simple just include the “libsteam_api.dylib” next to your executable.

Looks fantastic. Luv the style ! :sunglasses:
Does it mean, it wasn´t completly done with the CC ide ? Or ? Would love to see some “fork”-work of you which you done to CC. As far, as i understood it… I am on CC 2.11. Would something like this could be achieved with CC 2.11 ?


I used Cocos Creator as a replacement for Cocos Studio, I didn’t use Creator for any sort of scripting (and I don’t think it supports scripting for C++ anyway).

My fork isn’t really much different, just some small tweaks. Added custom cursors, multi mouse button (vanilla cocos is just one button for every type of click), changed the default copy of ui::Text to use TTF instead of BMFont, Widget touch callbacks now pass the touch itself (if thats what the change was, I can’t remember anymore), and force anti aliasing.

The code changes aren’t meant to be consumed by anyone other than myself so sorry if it’s hard to read.