Music doesn't loop

Music doesn't loop
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Hello I have a iphone5s running ios v10.2 and i call playBackgroundMusic(music, true) and it doesn’t loop just stops at the end can someone help me thanx :slight_smile:


There are a few audio fixes in the GitHub repo version. This was one of those fixes.


ok thanx :slight_smile:


so i should just clone the repo and download again?


Clone v3 branch. Git submodule update and run download-deps


git submodule update doesn’t work because it says “not a git repo”


Change to running it inside the Cocos2d-x folder. That is the repo. Not the directory you cloned to


Now that I downloaded cocos2d-x-3 cocos command doesn’t work anymore, what to do?


It seemed like the tools/cocos2d-console/ was empty so I just copied and pasted that whole directory into my new cocos2d-x base. In addition the enviornment variables that were set to PATH were messed so I had to re-edit PATH
everything works now :slight_smile:


You forgot to run the submodule update. If you do this console gets added.